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Calling all snackin’ lovers out there, It’s time to reveal what’s inside the July 2016, Vegan Cuts Snack Box. This box was filled with lots of delicious vegan noms, just like last month and It did not disappoint. This is my third Vegan Cuts Snack Box delivery and I’m so excited to get my vegan snack on again! 

If you haven’t heard of this subscription before, it’s a monthly vegan snack box that contains  7-10 vegan snacks, food items and sample size products every month. Delicious vegan goodies delivered to my doorstep? Hell yeah! The Vegan Cuts team tests out every single product before it reaches you, to make sure everything is top-notch. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free and is mostly natural and gluten-free. This package will come to your door every month for just $22.95 + free shipping. Also, you can cancel at anytime without a hassle. Pretty cool, huh?

O.k, let’s check out the noms…


Dang – Toasted Coconut Chili Lime Chips

I’m a big coconut chip fan and I’ve had this flavor before. Actually, they were in a previous Vegan Cuts box. These aren’t too spicy and I love the lime flavor. 

Rob’s Brand – Sweet & Salty Popcorn

Did you ever eat something sweet and crave something salty, or vice-versa? Well, this yummy popcorn will satisfy that craving all in one bag. I seriously couldn’t stop eating this stuff! It has the perfect balance of salty & sweet flavors (hence the name). Delicious! 

Chic-A-Pease – Falafel 

Ooh, these are good! They remind me of a healthier & tastier version of Corn Nuts. Anyone remember those? I used to eat them when I was a kid. I could only imagine what’s in the ingredient list. Well, these babies have minimal ingredients and are non-GMO & gluten-free. They are a great source of fiber & protein, too. The perfect mid-day snack.


Beanfields – Bean & Rice Chips – Nacho

I’ve had these before and I was super excited to see them in this month’s box. I’ve tried a few flavors from this company and they are all so flavorful. They are made with beans & rice and they are gluten-free. These really remind me of a healthier & tastier version of Doritos. They are cheesy, salty & crunchy! LOVE!

Dippin’ Chips – Party-Tizers – Veggie Chips 

So far, I’m loving everything in this month’s snack box and these babies did not disappoint either. Usually, chips with kale in them, have a very kale-y flavor. Not these though, they had a nice hint of veggie flavor. They are made with non-GMO corn and they are gluten-free. These really are the perfect dipping chips and they held up nicely, during the dipping process. Keepers! 

Lundberg – Sea Salt Rice Chips

These chips are crunchy, salty and  fabulous! They taste great alone, but I really loved pairing them with my favorite hummus. They are made with organic grains & they’re gluten-free. Yay, another healthy snack! 


Positive Energy – Peach Mango Lemonade 

This drink has a light, fruity & refreshing flavor. I like that it’s made with organic ingredients. The caffeine comes from green coffee beans. It gave me a nice buzz, but without the jitters. It’s sweetened with stevia and I usually hate the taste, but the fruity flavor masked it nicely. I don’t consume energy drinks too much, but this is nice once in a while, when I need a pick-me-up. 

Sola Bar – Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt  

This bar wasn’t my favorite. I usually like snack bars with a touch of sweetness. This one had lots of flavor, but a little intense for me. I love roasted garlic & herbs, but not in a snack bar. It all comes down to personal taste at this point, so this might be perfect for somebody else. 

Kashi – Go Lean- Peanut Hemp Crunch Bar 

These are really good! They have the perfect crunch & peanut butter-y taste! They are sweetened with sugar, so I would only enjoy these on occasion and not for a healthy snack. I prefer bars to be sweetened naturally with dates or other fruit. I really love the flavor though and they make the perfect treat. 

JimmyBar – Banana Muffin Snack Bar 

Healthy snack bars are a hit or miss with me and these were a hit. They don’t taste exactly like a banana muffin, but they are really good and made with just five ingredients.  They have a nice sweetness from the bananas & dates and a great crunch from the almonds and walnuts. These are a great on-the-go snack. 

Kunachia- Chia & Probiotic Shot

This is a 1-serving size pouch of chia seeds & probiotics. They are also sold in a box of 30. It’s more of a travel pouch, I guess. I’m all about chia seeds and I like the addition of the probiotic, so I will definitely use these babies. However, I don’t really need the single-serving pouches, so I  would just purchase their bigger size. Seems like a better value, too. 


Kutoa – Chocolate Espresso Bean 

I love chocolate & coffee flavors together, Don’t you? This bar captured those flavors nicely and it has a really good texture & subtle crunch. This isn’t something I would eat daily, because it’s a little too sweet, but I would enjoy this as a treat. The ingredients are very clean and it’s made with unrefined sugar. 

Tasty – Chocolate Layer Cake Cookies

I like to make my own vegan cookies, because they are much healthier than the store-bought variety. However, if I had to choose one brand to buy, this is it. These cookies are made with organic ingredients and are über delicious! I’ve tried all of their flavors and I really love them. This Chocolate Layer Cake flavor might be my favorite though. 


I hope you enjoyed my review of the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I was really impressed with the variety & deliciousness of this month’s box. It had a great variety of noms for serious snackers, like myself. This was by far, my favorite box yet.  The noms were tasty and I would recommend this box to anyone that is looking to fill their pantry with vegan & cruelty-free snacks. You can learn more about this nom box here.

If you are not much of a snacker, Vegan Cuts also has a subscription box filled with high-quality beauty care items. You can fill up your beauty cabinet with vegan & cruelty-free items, without breaking the bank. If you would like to learn more about this fabulous box, you can visit Vegan Cuts here Also, you can check out my review of a Vegan Cuts beauty box here

I’ll be back soon,


This box was provided by Vegan Cuts. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. 

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Nick September 21, 2016 at 2:07 pm

These all look amazing! I may just have to give this subscription box a try! 🙂
I had one ages ago that had a “Vegan” box option, but they sent me non-vegan chips 🙁 I’ve been a little afraid to try again, but since this one is ENTIRELY vegan I’m sure they’re pretty careful!

mhuggs September 21, 2016 at 10:09 pm

Yikes! Non-vegan chips in a vegan box isn’t fun. I’ve had a subscription for 6 months with Vegan Cuts and I’ve been very happy. Everything has been vegan and most things were gluten-free. I’ve found so many favorite snacks this way.


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