August 2016 Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review

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Calling all snackin’ lovers out there, it’s time to reveal what’s inside the August 2016, Vegan Cuts Snack BoxThis box was filled with lots of delicious vegan goodies, just like last month and It did not disappoint. This is my fourth Vegan Cuts Snack Box delivery and I’m so excited to get my vegan snack on again. It never gets boring!

If you haven’t heard of this subscription before, it’s a monthly vegan snack box that contains  7-10 vegan snacks, food items and sample size products every month. Delicious vegan goodies delivered to my doorstep? Hell yeah! The Vegan Cuts team tests out every single product before it reaches you, to make sure everything is top-notch. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free and is mostly natural and gluten-free. This package will come to your door every month for just $22.95 + free shipping. Also, you can cancel at anytime without a hassle. Pretty cool, huh?

O.k, let’s check out the noms…

IMG_2128 IMG_2127

Wai Lana – Cassava Pops – Luau BBQ 

These were the first things I tried out of the box, because once I saw Luau BBQ flavor, it lured me in. They tasted just like I would’ve imagined, with the perfect balance of sweet & tangy. I’m very picky about BBQ flavoring and these passed the test. These delicious chips are made with yuca root instead of potatoes. It was a nice change for me. They are crispy, flavorful and not greasy at all. Also, I could so imagine myself eating these at a vegan luau.

Enjoy Life – Sugar Crisp Cookies

I really love Enjoy Life foods. I wish all of their products were vegan, but they do have a nice selection to choose from. I use their Vegan Chocolate Chips often in my recipes. These cookies are definitely crispy and have a nice sweetness to them, but they are lacking a little flavor to me. They are gluten-free, but kinda taste like it. The gremlins in the home enjoyed them thoroughly though, so maybe it’s just me.

Cabo Chips

These seriously are the tortilla chips you get at an authentic cantina, but they are much healthier. They are crispy, salty, crunchy and have a hint of delicous lime flavor. They are tradiontally made, but in a healthier way. They are gluten-free and seriously make me want a margarita and guacamole.


Bandar- Naan Chips – Tikka Masala

Holy flavor! These babies are sweet, spicy and addictive. These chips are inspired by the classic Naan bread and they are baked to the perfect crispness, with classic Indian spices. They go perfect with dips, but I enjoyed them right out of the bag.

Karma – Wrapped Cashews

I usually eat raw cashews, but it was a nice change to have them roasted this way. I’ve never had them wrapped in their natural skin before. They don’t have an overly roasted taste and they aren’t dried out like some roasted nuts. I enjoyed these.

Simply 7

These chips were in a previous Vegan Cuts Box, so I think they are something extra they threw in. I tried them again and I still feel the same. This is what I had to say about them previously:

If you are a kale fan, you will love these chips, but If you don’t like the taste of kale, you might want to skip on these. Other than that, the chips are crisp, crunchy and salty. Also, they have just a few clean ingredients, to make them a healthy snack.


Elmhurst Naturals- Banana Water – Mango

The flavor of this beverage had a light sweet taste, with a hint of mango. It’s made with bananas, so it has a nice dose of potassium in each serving. I think it’s great for on-the-go or maybe after a workout. I personally don’t drink much besides water or fresh juices, so I probably wouldn’t purchase this again. However, it could be perfect for someone else.

Ocean’s Halo – Texas BBQ

I really love seaweed snacks and I’ve tried the Sea Salt flavor from this company before. They are delicious! However, I was not a fan of these BBQ flavored ones. I just don’t feel that seaweed & BBQ flavor go together well. Somebody out there could think otherwise though.

Huck’s Hollow Farms – The Everything Cracker

These crackers have a nice rosemary flavor and the perfect crunch. The dough is fermented and captures a buttery flavor during the fermentation process. These are a great alternative to most store-bought crackers, because they are organic and have very clean ingredients. They are perfect with dips or by themselves.

The Ginger People – Arjuna Ginger Bar

If you like ginger, this will be the bar for you. It’s made with fresh organic ginger and has only four ingredients. It’s lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. It’s chewy, sweet and spicy. I personally love ginger, so I really loved this bar and would buy this again.

Nutiva – Coconut Oil – Buttery Flavor

I did like the flavor of this oil and it had a nice buttery taste. However, I make my own butter at home, so I probably wouldn’t purchase this again.


I hope you enjoyed my review of the Vegan Cuts Snack Box. I was really satisfied with the variety & deliciousness of this month’s box. It had a great variety of noms for serious snackers, like myself. The noms were tasty and I would recommend this box to anyone that is looking to fill their pantry with vegan & cruelty-free snacks. You can learn more about this snack box here. If you are interested in my previous Snack Box reviews, you can find them here.

If you are not much of a snacker, Vegan Cuts also has a subscription box filled with high-quality beauty care items. You can fill up your beauty cabinet with vegan & cruelty-free items, without breaking the bank. If you would like to learn more about this fabulous box, you can visit Vegan Cuts here Also, you can check out my review of a Vegan Cuts beauty box here.

I’ll be back soon,


This box was provided by Vegan Cuts. Opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links. 



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