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Athar’a Beauty Review

posted by Melissa Huggins May 5, 2016 0 comments

Hey gorgeous peeps, I want to share another wonderful, 100% vegan, organic & non-toxic beauty & skincare line with y’all. Natural beauty care is on the rise and it’s so wonderful to see. Change is happening and we are becoming more aware of what we are putting in our bodies and on our skin. Chemical and animal ingredients are useless and they are not good for us, or the planet.

The owner and founder of Athar’a, Sara Davoodi, contacted me and shared a little bit about her company. She offered to send me some products for review and as soon as I heard they were 100% vegan and non-toxic, I happily excepted. She was so gracious and let me pick out whatever I wanted. I chose a cleanser, eye cream and a face cream because those are typically what we all need in our skincare routine. The products arrived a few days later and there was a hand written note by Sara. I can tell, she truly cares about her company and her customers.

Athar’a products are antioxidant & nutrient rich and completely natural. They are made with naturally distilled & pure essential oils and pure plant-based ingredients from our mother earth. Just pure skin food in a jar. Their products are healing and nourishing without the use of chemicals, preservatives and fillers. The price-point of their line is incredible! Such great value for 100% pure & natural products and so much better than spending $100 on chemical ridden junk.

Athar’a products are handmade, vegan, organic, non-toxic and influenced by Eastern Ayurveda beauty traditions, but with modern Western influences, for a perfect fusion of East and West. Athar’a products are formulated with an exotic blend of Moroccan, South Asian, Middle Eastern and Amazonian Ingredients to create high quality 100% natural, skin, hair and body products. To learn more about there philosophy, visit here.

Also, they are a Leaping Bunny and PETA certified cruelty-free skin care and beauty brand. They have partnered with Vegan Cuts and you can find some of their products in the Vegan Cuts Marketplace. They also have been featured in the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Darn, I missed that one!

Along with all that, Athar’a puts their heart into giving back and they do a darn good job at it.

Take a look at what I found on their website:

There are three ways we are supporting impoverished and orphaned children…

1) Provide Nutrition – we are in an official partnership with Trees for Life! Trees for Life plants disease fighting and nutritious Moringa trees for impoverished communities. For every 100 likes our FB page @atharapure receives, we will plant a fruit tree! 
2) Provide Shelter – Athar’a will be donating a portion of proceeds to Give Light – a foundation that is 100% volunteer based and builds orphanages around the world!
3) Provide water – Athar’a will also be donating a portion to Charity Water, another organization that gives 100% of their proceeds directly to communities in need of water.

I really feel good about supporting a company that is charitable. To learn more about how Athar’a gives back, visit here 

O.k, let’s check out the goodies…

Herbal Skin Healing Cleanser

I usually stay clear of soapy-type cleansers, because they can leave my skin feeling stripped and dry. I hate that tight feeling I get after washing my face and it just screams for hydration. Ya know that feeling I’m talking about? Lots of soapy cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils and can cause your skin to over produce oil. In turn, that can cause breakouts or other annoying skin problems. Ugh, not fun!

Well, this is not  your typical soapy cleanser and I was pleasantly surprised with it. It’s actually very delicate and has a light foaming action, but it removes dirt and makeup very well. It glides nicely across the skin and it feels moisturizing & soothing. Also, It didn’t leave a residue on my face or that horrible tight feeling. I was able to use it twice a day and it left my skin calm and refreshed. No redness, irritation, breakouts or dryness…just clean, fresh and soft skin. This herbal cleanser is unscented too, which is great for all skin types, but especially for sensitive skin types, or people who are sensitive to scented products. It’s gentle all around and I would highly recommend this cleanser to anyone.

This bottle of herbal goodness is made of all-natural, plant-based and organic ingredients. You can cleanse, nourish and heal your skin without the use of toxic chemicals, harsh ingredients, fillers or preservatives. This cleanser is perfect for acne-prone skin, too. It’s soothing and gentle. Sounds good, huh? Just check out their uber-pure ingredients below.

Unscented Ingredients: Organic Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender Distillate), Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Leaf), Saponified organic oils of Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower), and Organic Castor Seed, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Guar Gum, Organic Salix Alba (Willow Bark), Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Carageenan, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), Eugenia Caryophyllata (Clove Essential Oil), Organic Juniperus Communis (Juniper), Organic Capsicum Annuum var. Aannuum (Cayenne), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) Citric Acid, Rosemary Seed Extract.

Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream

Raccoon eyes are cute, aren’t they? Well, they sure aren’t cute on humans. I don’t have dark circles like I used to, but they pop up occasionally, when I’ve stayed up late. Dark circles can be hereditary or can be caused by poor diet, allergies, illness, dehydration, stress or lack of sleep. I believe that drinking plenty of water, eating fresh foods and managing stress, can greatly reduce dark circles and puffiness. However, sometimes life happens and we need a little extra help on the outside.

Enter- the Moroccan Coffee Eye Cream. This delicious cream offers hydration plus anti-inflammatory benefits. I’ll take it! When this cream came in the mail, I just so happened to have horrible sleep that week (late-night blogging). My eyes were definitely puffy and a little darker than normal. I tried out this cream for the first time at night and although nothing instantly happened, I woke up with my eyes feeling more relieved, calmer and a little brighter. On the Athar’a website, it was recommended to keep this eye cream in the fridge, for maximum anti-inflammatory benefit. Wow, I’m glad I did that, because it felt so good in the morning going on my tired eyes. The healing nutrients, caffeine and cooling cream, made my morning peepers look alive.

This jar of deliciousness has a very subtle scent of coffee. Other than that, it’s pretty much unscented, which I like. Sometimes, powerful scented eye cream, can irritate my eyes and make them look worse. That’s never fun. This concoction is soft, velvety and really protects the skin under my eyes.

The caffeine in this coffee cream helps boost circulation and it comes from the Coffee Seed Oil and Green Tea. Together, they make the magic happen and they both provide anti-inflammatory benefits, which will keep the puffiness down and the dark circles at bay. This cream also contains Organic Avocado Oil and Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, which will hydrate, nourish and soften those pesky lines, too. Isn’t nature incredible?

Check out the rest of ingredients below, there’s nothing but pure goodness in that jar.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic avocado oil, organic Argan oil, coffee seed oil, vegetable glycerin, organic lavender oil, organic sage oil, organic chamomile, organic aloe, organic coconut oil, organic hemp seed oil, green tea, vitamin e

Superfruit & Jasmine Antioxidant Face Cream

I want to keep my skin looking young & fresh, as long as possible. Doesn’t everyone? So, I eat healthy, drink lots of water and I take care of my skin from the outside, too. Cleansing, exfoliating and toning are very important, but the most important is the hydration, because skin needs moisture to stay plump and soft. Lots of creams claim they do this and that, but they usually come up short. I mean, they seriously promise you a whole new face in a bottle and it’s just not realistic. Plus, they are often over priced and usually filled with chemicals. Don’t fall into their trap, because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have as effective face cream. Also, you should be able to read all of the ingredients without any guessing. Harsh chemicals, fillers and preservatives are not needed to have beautiful skin. Mother earth can help us with our beauty needs, we can trust her.

The name of this face cream really spiked my curiosity. Superfruit for my face? Hell yeah… I’m in! Our skin needs nutrients on the inside and the outside. So, I happily opened this jar of skin-food and the first thing I noticed, was the gorgeous floral scent. It’s just heavenly! The aroma comes from pure Indian Jasmine essential oil, nothing artificial. This was a good sign and I was ready to put this cream to the test. Right away, I really loved the consistency of this cream. It wasn’t too thick, it was non-greasy, it absorbed nicely into my skin and worked beautifully under my makeup. This baby had all the qualities that I look for in a face cream. Score!

This cream really impressed me and I really love how my skin feels. Especially after sleeping with it on, because the next morning, I woke up with the softest, smoothest, and silkiest skin. Damn, my skin was thirsty! It delivered maximum hydration and left my skin dewy and radiant looking. The nutrients really penetrated my skin and left my sensitive face very happy. No reactions, breakouts or redness either and my face felt tighter and refreshed. Nothing more I ask for, this stuff is wonderful!

This magical nutrient-rich cream contains healing, nourishing and anti-aging ingredients from berries, fruit, tea and herbs. These ingredients work together to prevent and reverse signs of aging, improve elasticity, brighten & even out skin tone. It contains Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Avocado and Almond Oil. These all provide mega-rich hydration, nutrients and protein to improve skin texture and elasticity. This luxurious cream also contains natural Squalene, Polyphenols, Carotenoids, Ferric Acid, Acai, Blueberry, Pomegranate and Vitamin E. These are all powerful antioxidants and can help fight free radicals and keep our skin looking young and fresh. This cream is recommend for all skin types.

Once again, they have an impressive line up of skin-lovin’ ingredients. Check them out:

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic avocado oil, organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil,  organic Moroccan argan oil , blueberry oil, vegetable glycerin, organic lavender oil, organic sage oil, organic chamomile, organic aloe, organic coconut oil, organic hemp oil, acai berry oil, pomegranate oil , vitamin e, jasmine essential oil


I hope you enjoyed my review of Athar’a. I was very impressed with these three products and would highly recommend them. Also, I’m very interested in trying out some of their other lovely items. All of their prices are affordable and the quality of their products are top-notch. This is company that truly cares about animals, the earth and humans and that means, they have my business. I feel good about supporting a kind & conscious company like this. If you would like to lean more, you can visit Athar’a here.

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