The Story Behind Those Beautiful Eyes

posted by Melissa Huggins November 9, 2015 0 comments

These photos were taken when I first met my boyfriend, Nick, about 4 1/2 years ago. This was only a few weeks into our relationship. He wasn’t vegan on our first date, but he was completely vegan by our second. On our first date, he asked me the burning question, “Why don’t you eat meat or cheese? “. Sound the alarm! Now the door was open and there was no turning back. If I tell him the truth, he just has to change. Later that night, I handed him the documentary, “Earthlings” to take home. I never told him this, but I probably wouldn’t have continued our relationship if he watched this and didn’t make a change. I was a little nervous because I really felt something for him. Well, the next day, I was speaking to a whole different person. He found the missing link in his life and he connected it instantly. He couldn’t believe, that he never knew the truth. I was so surprised and so happy! He was the man for me!

The moment captured in these photos was a very profound one for me to witness. I wish I had caught it all on video, but maybe I wasn’t meant to. We went on a date to a farm sanctuary in Los Angeles. We had such a great day hanging out with all the lucky animals that lived there. They were all safe from harm and they were living in peace.

We went to meet these beautiful cows with a bunch of other visitors. I didn’t capture the crowd in the photos, but there were at least 30 people there. We were all offering hay, but this sweet soul stopped and just stared at Nick for a good minute. It’s like she didn’t see anyone else and was just focused on him. Then she slowly made her way down near him to eat the hay. The whole time she just kept looking right at him with these gentle eyes. She never broke eye contact with him. I felt like she knew he was a newbie vegan and she wanted to thank him. The other people watching were also commenting on her determination to stay near Nick. She knows her friends aren’t as lucky as her. Her eyes told the whole sad story. This was a very powerful moment for Nick, too. He was so incredibly happy that he wasn’t contributing to this sad story anymore. He was at peace with himself. A day I will remember forever!

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